Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Gift

The Gift
I give you a charming character,” bestowed the dainty fairy, her smile a sunshine of pleasure.
The sweet baby lay in the peace and tranquillity of her silken cot.
I give you the gift of love,” gushed the next fairy.
I give to you the gift of concentration,” pointed out fairy number three,
Can’t do with being fickle,” she added, popping a luscious fig into her delicate mouth. She walked off into the sunshine.
Suddenly, through the heated haze, appeared the uninvited fairy. She pointed her mystical wand at the cot and whispered, “I give you the gift…of insightful and engaging comedy – you shall be FUNNY!”
She winked and smiled and then, on cue, the beautiful baby loudly burped and trumped!

The copyright of this post belongs to Komal Patel

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