Thursday, 13 February 2014

It begins

It Begins.

It begins again.
Each time I step inside the tunnel it begins.
The terror, stalking me like a bluebottle fly, eventually maggoting down into my subconscious and eating away at my flesh; cleaning my bones white and smooth. Now, like the rumble of a dandelion clock, I can hear the exquisite solar wind rushing like blood through my adrenalized veins. This tunnel, this darkness, this eerie solar silence.
The universe is disintegrating like the dissolution of a wishing tree, and I am hurtling through space in my tunnel of steel and magma. My light wishes are blowing away in the wind, the solar wind that is eternity within this vast space.
The silver genie granted me three wishes, the silver rocket is propelling me through a matrix of dreams. It’s what I always wanted, to fly. A memory: the reflection of dancing shoes in the puddles of my childhood. The fulfillment of my tangerine dream.
I am sending my daily message to earth now, as I always do after the instrument check. Today I say “Weather here – wish you were lovely” that will make them smile and clap.
As of today I have been up here for five hundred days, it is beyond a wish fulfilled.
I am singing as the meteor hits.
I am dreaming.
I am ecstatic.
So…it begins and ends.

The copyright of this post belongs to Valerie Anne Rule

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