Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Catch the Moon

"I catch the Moon, so high, billions of leagues way up in the celestial heavens where 3D shapes created by whole constellations seemed perpendicular to a triangle; shapes which resembled the Taj Mahal". that's what she thought.They were so large and yet felt like the cage of her life in which she was trapped. She couldn't look back for fear that she would breathe in her worst memories, like the smell of a rotting carcass in the midday sun, they would permeate her every breath. She couldn't move forward either; afraid of creating new experiences that similarly would haunt her. Why? Why was it so difficult to live, that's a taxing question to mull around in the mind; it would eventually become like a kaleidoscope confusing her, not allowing her to reach an adequate conclusion. She realised that's what he wanted, a confusing kaleidoscope, because he's fond of them and wanted her in disarray.

the copyright of this post belongs to Mathew Edwards

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