Friday, 28 February 2014

Stalking Leo

Stalking Leo

I give you a love of cakes for the necromancy gathering. It will help concentration when boredom with the bones overcomes your usual enthusiasm for anatomical drawing.
Dear Leonardo, I cannot compete in your world. I have stalked you in the market place, watched you buying up the little singing birds in order to set them free from their caged oppression.
I am aware that for you illuminating walls and blank pages with your vivid imagination, is for you sufficient. I may be charming in my own way, but in this fickle universe I am aware of my limitations.

These funny days can blow my mind as I follow you, skulking secretly I observe the boys surrounding you. Your adoring satellites, some hopeful, some anxious, but most as insightful as me of your needs. We all remain engaging, respectful.

With less of a free reign whilst shopping in the market place today, I was abruptly brought to that unworldly conclusion: I love your hands more than your mystical spirit. Those hands, which will produce and paint the exquisite. That will be your permanent gift to history. It makes me smile to imagine the future joy this will bring. And my smile, dear Leonardo, is very mysterious.
One day we may meet.

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