Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Green Soul 2

Barely functioning - indeed, barely human – I crawl out of the forest, following a line of longitude that I can’t remember seeing before. The scent of morning leaks through the periphery of the trees; the light behind them is as sharp as lemon. The child, who has followed me on all fours, sits up and claps her hands with delight. She has never seen the like. She sets off ahead of me, bursting into this new world, fresh as a daisy and twice as smart.
What a pair we make. She has brought herself up in there but she has no nostalgia for the night before. It’s all about the future now. So far she has been little more than a mascot to me, but now I grasp at the understanding that she may become a talisman. These last years are just a dark diversion on the map of our lives. Finally I am not falling apart. Finally morning has broken.

The copyright of this post belongs to Julia Correvon

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