Friday, 12 June 2015

Wake Up

The bottles are emptied, the hangovers hung, we’ve both been fast asleep…wake up little Suzie, wake up,  wake up little Suzie. The sandman steals her conscious soul and dandelion clocks blow melted memories down the corridors of her mind .The years stare back at her in the rear view mirror, a revelation. Suzie blinks and is a young woman, the world open before her and nothing out of reach. All that seems to matter is the promise of tomorrow and the sparkling crystal glasses from which she sips diamond shaped love. Well what are they going to tell your mamma , what they going to tell your pop, wake up little Suzie, wake up. She’s a child again running through  fields, honeyed pistachio ice cream, birds on the wing and the undergrowth rustling with secrets only imagined. The Summers are long and the sequined nights warm. There’s a peace here that once lost will never be reclaimed but always remembered. Suzie, a child of a time where innocence sings a nursery rhyme and magenta marbles roll with unfettered laughing.. The blessed cane of age raps on the ebony and ivory of her life, wake up little Suzie, wake up little Suzie, and there goes childhood’s casual walk to the march of responsibility. We gotta go home…
The copyright of this post belongs to Debbie Mitchell

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