Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fashion Day

 The wind howled and the doors on the houses groaned. Far in the East one person was not having a good time.  The witch Arabetha called for her only friend, Bumble the Beetle. Arabetha said
"I want to make a potion." Bumble ignored her and pretended to be dazed. Arabetha wanted to make a potion for The Beauty Show.
"I will put in one spider, two cucumbers and five sections of that cobweb over there, Bumble, fetch it for me. NOW!"
Obediently Bumble scurried away to do as he was told.

Soon they had a bubbling cauldron filled with unusual ingredients. At twelve noon, Arabetha took the gooey substance out of the cauldron.  As carefully as she could, she took a spoonful of it, and ate it.  Then she pounced over to her magic mirror and whispered softly "Mirror, Mirror on the wall," (by now her body had transformed from ugly to beautiful,) "who is the fairest of them all?"
"Sophie," replied the mirror honestly.
The witch screamed with anger and split into frozen shards of ice.
"Until next time!" smiled the mirror.

The End 
The copyright of this post belongs to Rosie Khan (age 7)

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