Monday, 17 November 2014

Train is A' Comin'

'Train is a coming, oh yeah'
They sang as the cakes baked in the sun.
The hot iron tracks burnt their bottoms
But who cared?
It was time for a celebration.
Mercy was going. On her way.

Better get your ticket, Mercy, oh yeah
Me, Faith, Honesty and Joy have had enough.
Enough of hands folded on knees begging and praying
Who needs a Being to act as Judge?

Devils on the train, oh yeah
Escape that fire in hell, Oh Mercy!
Your magical transformative days are over.
There is no hope of escape, Mercy.
A nightmare rolls towards you
Couched as dreaded reality.

Train is in the tunnel, oh yeah
Bliss it will be when we escape Mercy.
The light searches for her.
Bliss comes our way.
Oh mercy me, how sweet it is,
Revenge and betrayal are true and due.
Bite the hot cake, feel it sear your mouth.

Come Faith, Honesty and Joy.
Come with me.
This insanity is over.
Chuff, chuff, choo, choo
Goodbye Mercy
Coming in the station Oh Yeah!
Taste that cake.

The copyright of this post belongs to Moira Cormack

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