Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Dear Julia

"Dear Julia,

You have given me much happiness.  As I play form the gift of the music sheet for Bohemian Rhapsody you gave me I picture you choosing the pink fluffy bed socks.  I fear our association must end as my health has suffered with palpitations since you gave news of the positive pregnancy test.  The caster oil has been no help, and I fear I will soon have need of the definite place in the church crypt.

I have the key to the castle on the isolated Scottish island you gave me, and I will retreat there with the map and phial of dirty water you inexplicably provided for such an occasion.  Chairman Mao's little red book goes with me, as do enduring memories of our frolics in the apple pie bed.

I remain your devoted Reverend Green."

The copyright of this post belongs to Jaine Currier

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