Friday, 8 May 2015

The Ice House

"Come again to me. I will wait beneath the silverside of trailing ivy at the ice house." Surely you cannot resist a free taste of abandon. It was our first meeting place, do you remember? Why do you not hold it in reverence and wonder as I do? Escaped from Cook's all seeing eye I had dawdled over the task of fetching the ice she needed and then, there you were, talking to me as if I was the only one in the world who could know you.
"Can you speak in sign language?" you had asked, but I did not know what you meant.Your touch had played me like the notes of a music box, each finger stroking a delicate note from my virgin drum. You were the Tutor of my desire and a fire awoke in me, Pandoras curiosity, and unknowing, I became your plaything. You made me swear an oath before the Green Man, knowing I would not risk his displeasure.
" I am the secret keeper, and I hold my secret dear."
I came often to the woods with a ready catch of words and gestures hoping to please you then and you had teased me out of my stays with your gentle words and insistent fingers
" What lies beneath the earths mantle?" said your sly fox smile, and then you warmed me with your probing fingers and other objects of curiosity. We learned our love through the seasons, mixed fire with ice, rolled in the bluebells, crushing their scent to our bare skin, the barley turned its ears to the music of your quickening groans resonating again and again rising in duet with my own, Wheat bowed in longing towards our snatched frenzied exertions under the bruised lightening skies of late Summer. You planted a seed of longing in me then, but now do not tend it. Why? Your marriage is a sham, you said so. You are a mirror of discontent, yet cool disdain is all I see in your face now as I bring breakfast to you and your new lady wife.

"Ah, you are come. Into my arms, my Lord, complete me. Can I guess how much you want it? I see your stiffness salute under the strain of silk. Fish deep into my cave of wonders and I will show you what it feels like to have molten glory at the core. She is ice and cannot melt for you like I do. The fire you laid in me burns still, if only you will stoke it my Lord. We are one, a beast with two backs that must be united in praise of The Green Man. He blessed our union of secrets.Why do you hold me at arms length Lord?"
"What is the code to creation?" you ask me. In the glowing dim light of the ice house I step back, confused, and look to you to teach me again while I hold steady to the saw blade. "To hold safe your vows, your rings, your babies teeth. My loyalties lie elsewhere now Martha, you must understand. My lady is with child."
"No matter Lord we are still one. Hold my eyes, my hands. Don't turn your back, don't look the other way I beg you, you cannot know what I am capable of. This love will turn on itself. No!"
Why did you not heed my warning? I cannot be held responsible for this.I see the life drain from you and know that the flames of passion are extinguished. We are both at peace then.
Is there blood on the knife? I wipe the serrated edge on your sleeve and sink to my knees in the crimson ice.

The copyright of this post belongs to Holly Khan

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