Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fragments of the Whole

I am secret and separate from this living world now. 
 My bonds are cut and I dance with the lights, 
 with Morris men's hankies, with maypole ribbons and flags of our fathers. 
 Do not play cat and mouse with the moonbeams shining on my coffin. 
 Arise from the ludicrous metaphysical Verandah of your mind 
 and take new life for yourself where I now have none. 
 Stretch into a new pose and feel the movement of the breeze 
 flowing across your skin, like water 
 smoothing the cares away from a boulder. 
 Understand that your future is there to be faced, 
 whether in fear or fortitude, so embrace it for what it is: 
 Laugh at the ludicrous, be philosophical. Accept your direction 
 and follow it to its conclusion just as the river follows the contours of the land. 
 Immerse yourself in colour and texture, space and time, 
 seek truth and knowledge unhampered by willful ignorance. 
 Who knows what visceral thing you may become 
 when you crumble your currant disguise and reveal a new 
 self previously hidden in the maze of burrows that lie behind 
 a rabbit hole. Seek, Discover, Relish, Understand: this is your path, 
 paved with prayers and possibilities, redemption and rubbish. 
 Make good all that you can be. Knot the pieces together and 
 make a new necklace of meaning, whole-hearted, 
 philosophical and ready to dance under the whole moon 
 striped by waves on water. Arch your hands in prayer,
 hold yourself quiet in the palm of his hand, 
 let discord fall from your heart strings and know all possibilities are open. 
 Before it is your time to shrine, make good something pure, entire, new,
 some unlooked for bonus and then you will be free 
 to unlock the secret door to the mausoleum and rest in peace. 
 The copyright of this post belongs to Holly Khan 


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