Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Dark Side of the Goat

Goat says "You must give up the story of the man in the moon. It is just a nursery rhyme after all."
Vole looked at him in disbelief holding up a crystal dewdrop lantern looped in a blade of grass."But Goat, how can you tease me so? I can see him up there with my own eyes. Look!"
"No, I will not look" Goat said, "there is too little euphony in the story. How could a cow jump over the moon? It is too high, however crisp the springs on the trampoline."
"But you must believe, Goat" said Vole ruffling his fur indignantly. "It is pertinent to our very existence to believe. If we do not believe how can we know your milk will turn to cheese or that rain is the same as snow or that the river runs to the sea? We cannot see these things and yet we know they occur."
"Ok, ok, don't get your tail in a knot. I will go to the head of the path at the top of the hill and look from there when I am closer. Maybe I will see the dish running down the other side with the spoon."
" I don't like the tone of sarcasm you are using Goat. Go if you will, but go with hope in your heart and stars in your eyes. They will lubricate your mind to the possibility of truth. But first, let me climb on your back and ride up the hill with you so that my eyes may see what yours see."
Goat waited for Vole to clamber up on to his back then trotted away along the moonlit path snailing it's way to the top of the hill with Vole enjoying a fine new prospect. On reaching the top Goat paused, catching his breath and began to eat the grass.
"Well?" said Vole.
"Now I am here I dare not look up Vole. I find I am frightened of what I might miss."
"Have faith my milky friend. I am with you and you are certainly sure to discover nothing if you carry on with your head in the grass and your eyes closed to the possibilities."
Goat drew a deep breath and blew out stars as he gazed for the first time at the Man in the Moon. He is real.

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  1. loved the 'crystal dewdrop lantern looped in a blade of grass' particularly and the whole post!