Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Soul Candle

Soul Candle

The Soul Candle burns in a darkened room
It flickers through life’s adventure
Some days the flame holds low
Slow and orange glow
Like a golden rose a-growing

Othertimes the flame leaps high
Exultant, bright enough to light
Not just this room
Not just this Castle
Of Breath and Being
But the world, the universe and far beyond.

This room of the Soul Candle
Is protected by the Steward of Life, Keeper of Souls
A plated guardian who keeps the flame ablaze
Through illness, despair, the passing of moons
The Steward stands silent
Watching tirelessly through all ages of a life

And at the window of the room
Sings the bird of angel secrets
Who chirps its tales
And tells its truths
To any ear that hears it

The room’s within this Castle
Known to all as Breath and Being
Built into the clouds
Beyond the skies
Dark rooms of amber glowing rise

For here is all humanity
Where Souls flutter ever on
Amid the scent of softened wax
The burn of life is strong

Until finally, inevitably
The candle’s all but gone
The wick full spent to ashen dust
The light beings to dim
And the Steward of Life, Keeper of Souls
Sets down its sword
Unbuckles all its armour
Lays down its body upon the earthen floor
Listening to the fading
Of the angel birds sweet call

And then the darkened room
Which no longer holds some light
Slips into that of the Black Beyond
And the room falls out of sight

The copyright of this poem belongs to Swift Watson

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