Monday, 31 March 2014


“I am not a toy” said the lion aloud, no doubt startling the family of four stood in front of the painting. It was the 1970s, a pale, sleepy era, and the last thing one would expect to stumble across on a weekend visit to the museum of modern art was a talking two-dimensional winged lion, I think you'll agree. It came as a further shock to the system when said lion broke from the flat painting and began to fly around the gallery, continuing its unexpected and seemingly impossible dialogue.
It was surprisingly rude for such a majestic creature, criticising the art from its aerial position.
“Since when has a dentist chair been considered art?!” it exclaimed.
“Is that Jesus in a Parisian café?! Honestly I can see the art world rotting before my very eyes”
When flying past a sculpture of a polystyrene ship, its only comment was a gruff, “Well, where are the sailors?”

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