Thursday, 7 November 2013


A parasite - it must be removed! Even in the bright sunshine after a meditation session, she couldn't calm the feeling that action was needed. She sat plotting, staring blindly at the apple on the tray. How best to retaliate? Last time the potion in the tin had worked, but it could have done with improvement. Anyway, it was too precious to waste unless success was almost guaranteed. No, this kerfuffle couldn't bounce along any longer, precise planning would be necessary. Gradually a plan formed. If she was quick it could work. So, she packed up the yoga mat, bit into the apple and set to work.
She worked steadily, tapping, clicking, dialing and finally sat back satisfied that by tea time, the house guests would be packing their bags and rushing to catch the train.

The copyright of this post belongs to Ellen MacRae

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