Thursday, 10 October 2013

Coming to Life

I was bewildered. Only a minute ago I had been dust. Other than that, nothing. But now i was something... something special, I knew it. Love had made me ... and there I was floating around in my mother's tummy. I knew nothing but yet everything was around me. I started to get frustrated. I wanted to show people who I am, but yet I knew not how. I plunged into darkness determined to live my life, to show people who I am in my real heart. But I myself did not know that...yet. Suddenly a saw a gap of air. My heart rose but I did not show my feelings. I crept towards it but my feet did not move and all of a sudden there I was squinting at the sudden hit of blinding light and sharp cold air... But i was in my mother's arms. I knew this was where I belonged.

The copyright of this post belongs to Xantippe Rose

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