Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thoughts on God

God is all loving thoughts. His heart is a bundle of joy, kindness, positive, friendship and last but definitely not least LOVE. His heart is bigger than his body he does not give out toys, paintings, sweets, books, computers, eggs, pets, junk shop stuff  he gives out love. Think of us as a window, every bad thing we do is a mark on the window. Spray  can not wash it off or washing up liquid or water not even MR MUSCLE the only thing that can get the marks away is kindness for instance, Debbie Mitchell is always rubbing her window clean with kindness! She gives away toys, flowers, positive  comments and love...but mostly love but do you know what? Debs is in your family. Let me tell you what I am talking about. Think of your baby brother/sister, your older brother/sister YOUR mum and dad your grandmother and grandpa your THEIR babe brother/sister THEIR big brother/sister THEIR mum and dad THEIR grandmother and grandpa and so on... well somewhere in there is Debbie because we are all brothers and sisters to Adam and Eve which means we are all siblings to each other and we are children of God we are all a FAMILY!

 by Xantippe Steele   

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  1. Or ode to Debs - God can't be everywhere so it let us have love and laughter.