Friday, 9 August 2013

The Magic of Story

Writing has a magical impact on your body and your attitude.Non-fiction or fiction, it takes you through a journey of imagination .You learn some, you win some. Each word has its meaning...a bit like every person has its skill. Reading and writing can take you back in time or forward into the future. What I find most amazing is every character has its feelings: some can be cowardly, some can be sheepish, some can be daring, some can be brave but each one has its own abilities and disabilities. Baddies can be a nightmare for a dark night with a full moon. Some goodies can be a dream in a blue midnight sky pricked with shining stars like decorations on a Christmas tree. Stories expand your imagination and give an urge for ideas.  Here's a piece of advice: people say that other people like and hate characters. Me, I just see the need for all of them: from a werewolf to a super hero. Here's another piece of advice: lots of people say we copy characters from real people but I think characters come from right here: the heart. The last thing I want to say is writing and reading is MAGIC.

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  1. Well done Xantippe - you have beaten me to a post o the turret writers blog!