Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Star Gazer

I am able to furnish you with all the details.
Under stress I carry out all instructions immaculately.
And I am stressed.
You ask me how could such a tawdry state of affairs exist in this, the 21st century?
Well, prepare yourself, I come from many centuries and I have travelled well.
Suspend your jester role and take this story seriously, because I am not the joker in your pack.
There was once a house that I inhabited many years ago. It was shaped like a stargazer pie with many gardens, lakes and follies surrounding it. I built a domain wall all about to keep my captives in and my captors out. I could time travel from the tall turreted tower, wherein my special machine sat in splendor. I can be a slippery fish I know, but this tale is true.
I met Magellan and Einstein, and the plans for the combustion engine I buried within a hole in my domain wall. Along with manuscripts and musical scores gifted to me by Dickens and Mozart. I wished them to be hidden time capsules of ingenuity and creativity for the future generations.
I also met a man who made many claims, including being able to feed thousands with just five loaves and two fishes, I can confirm this now as fact. I was the boy who shared the lunch.
You see, I cannot only travel, I can change persona, nationality, sex and identity.
I can sing: “…here comes the mammy, like a canny woman” in order to rock squalling infants to sleep, and fish around my psyche to invent stories, tales that would transport tyrants from their rages into docile gentlemen. Riding calmly into the fading light of battle, tamed and beguiled, if sometimes beleaguered. Yes, my life has been a roller coaster, no wonder my motto has always been “A pond I fished, it was as deep as England” penned by my good friend Ted Hughes. Because, I am as deep as England.
As I said, I am able to furnish you with all the details

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