Monday, 27 May 2013

You Say aka Whirlwind

You Say aka Whirlwind

You say,
Speak into my life,
A goose's chant
of the misfortunes of old,
On cobbled streets,
Of the leaks in my heart,
Rotting cabbages and kings.

Speak, whisper please,
The dust of me,
Of gatherings in neglect
on creased corners,
Of synaptic anxieties,
Nano sized, snipping in the night.

Speak, beguiling and tender,
Angels that court,
Of souls withered on fantasy,
From fuzzy screens,
Of rot, avarice, and rape,
Un-relished words frog at the throat.

Whirlwind, yours is a sing song voice.
You say.

Copyright Gabrielle Goldsmith
May 2013

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