Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Falling Away

Falling Away
Yesterday I was worth thousands, but now  only the knowledge 
of fatality remains.  I am destitute,  but this is a relief, 
the life I once relished now slips away like a worn out overcoat. 
My soul sang of beauty and fame, but my spirit shrivelled and 
became as a tiny walnut, nobbled and marked.  Across the cobbled 
streets I once had pushed my fruit cart, growing it into the 
biggest and best store in the city.
I lived every day like a peach, rare, juicy and pampered.  But 
these memories are now as shambolic mirrors in the cruel circus 
which beheld me and three me away.  Now I see it all like a 
lifetime of fractured moments that could have given me rewards 
of joy, love and fulfillment.
Now, as I hear the brittle rain on the pavements which are now 
my home, I see the crowds, the jeering, shouting people, 
pointing, staring and judging me for what I am.  A murderer of 
the beautiful Emma, who once stood here, holding her red velvet 
Is there no respite from emory, haunting and cruel, remembered 
and relived?
The price I pay is that memory, my fall from grace, my forever 
shame, atonement can never be mine.
Yesterday I was worth thousands, but now only the knowledge of 
fatality remains. Falling Away 
The copyright of this post belongs to Valerie Rule 

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