Monday, 8 October 2012

Whatever Happened to Jojo?

An excerpt from 'Whatever happened to Jojo?’

Georgina's Grandfather has died suddenly not long after her Grandmother passed away.

Where it begins? Is this where it begins was the thought wandering in from the wilderness of her subconscious. Georgina lay on the bed in the room, her favourite room in her grandparents' house. Their house? Not anymore!

Another unkind thought pricking her conscience. The shock of her Granddad's death only weeks, count them, after his wife regained ground in the garden of her grief. Big fat tears recommenced rolling down, stippling, deepening the dark circles beneath Georgina's unblinking eyes. Unfocused, her sadness was as an overfull bladder, ready to make serious mischief.

So this is where it begins. Georgina heard the peal of adulthood. Now that the senior members had exited, was it her turn to strut the stage? She closed her tears off. A clock ticked somewhere nearby. On opening her eyes again, she found communion with her favourite picture - a large black and white portrait of Jojo.

Jojo stared accusingly at her niece from the wall across the bedroom, as if to say,

'Well, what are you waiting for?'...

The copyright of this post belongs to Gabrielle Goldsmith

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